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Election Integrity & Security - They are Bipartisan Issues

Election Integrity-Related News Can Be Found Here.

Half of the country is concerned our election system is not secure and is susceptible to hacking and manipulation -
the very concern expressed by Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar five years ago on NBC's Meet The Press program.

What's the situation in Plymouth? Plymouth Republican Tom Cleland has researched the issue and offers the following analysis ...

At the September 12th Plymouth Council meeting, Senate District 42 Republicans Paul Hintermeyer and Tom Cleland urged the Plymouth City Council to not rely on electronic voting systems and to enhance election security by adopting the hand-counting of ballots and not rely on electronic voting machines and systems.

In response to their appearance, the City of Plymouth has provided this answer ...

Our candidates need your encouragement and support if we are to restore common sense to state and federal government. It's a big job that quite frankly needs to be done.

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